Change the Locks

18th December 2017

House For Sale

A recent survey has revealed that 74% of homeowners do not change their locks after moving into a new home.

Most insurance companies recommend that the new home owners change their locks, especially as they will not pay out if there is a break-in and there was no evidence of forced entry.

As local Locksmiths, we would highly recommend you call out a professional Locksmith to have your locks changed before any valuables are left in the home.

Also, it is a good opportunity to have the general security of your new home checked and to make sure that the locks are insurance grade. Once again, your insurer may not pay out if the locks are not approved to BS 3621 standards!

With so much to do when moving house, it can easily be put to the bottom of the list. Although in this day and age, we would recommend that this is done before you, your loved ones or belongings move in.

If you are looking for a reliable, fully qualified Locksmith in Southampton or would like some further help, please get in touch or give us a call on 07887407319 and we will be happy to help!

Help, I’ve been burgled!

21st November 2017

A burglary is every home owner’s nightmare, however the steps taken immediately following a break-in are vital to help put things back in order. We have put together this guide for those who have been burgled, or those who would like to be prepared just in case the worst were to occur.
Call the Police.
Waste no time in calling the police and putting the incident on record. This is required for insurance claims, helping to find the perpetrators and retrieving your belongings. If you are not inside your home when you discover it has been broken into, we advise you call the police from outside the home, either using a mobile or a neighbours phone. The police will provide you with a unique crime reference number, ensure to note this down as this will be required by your insurance provider.
Don’t Touch Anything!
It is vital you do not touch anything before the police arrive, as you many destroy key evidence the police will need for finding, and potentially prosecuting the burglars and retrieving your stolen goods.
Record all Stolen or Damaged Items and Property
After the police have arrived make a complete list of all property that has been stolen and damaged, this will be needed by your insurers as well. You will have to include thorough descriptions including anything that could make your items unique, such as marks or serial numbers, and also note the approximate value of each item.
Inform Your Bank
It is important to inform your bank or card company straight away and ensure your credit and debit cards are cancelled, and your finances are checked for any suspicious activity. It isn’t necessary for your cards to be stolen; a burglar could simply note down the card number and details to make purchases online.
Call Your Insurers
Call your insurance provider within 24 hours and submit all necessary information needed to process your claim. Your insurer will require the list of items stolen or damaged in the incident, and will also need your unique crime reference number.
Secure Your Home
Once the police have instructed it is okay to do so, and all necessary details have been documented, you should start to clear up all indications of a break in, and repair any damaged doors and windows. It is vital to upgrade your security, and to secure any weak points in order to prevent any incidents in the future.
Your front door is your first line of defence against a burglary, therefore it is vital to consider the security you have in place; updating the locks on your doors and windows will help reduce the risk of crime.

At Lock it security Locksmiths we aim to ensure all our customers are provided the best possible solutions to their problems, for this reason all of our engineers offer full home security and insurance compliance checks, and ensure to recommend quality products that will meet all your needs. To upgrade your security call a locksmith today on 07887407319 or visit


Mortice lock

30th October 2017

Before the introduction of the euro cylinder most, if not all, side and rear entrances would have had a mortice lock fitted. There are lots of different brands of mortice lock, but ultimately there are two types, a sash lock or deadlock. The difference is a sash lock has a handle built in to the lock and a deadbolt doesn't. (So in the case of the deadbolt you would have a separate handle fitted if required.) I often hear these two locks referred to as Chubb locks, this is like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover and the reason is the same, Chubb are one of the founding brands of lock.

Some of the common faults I have dealt with other than lost keys are:

Broken Talon - This won't mean much to most people but the symptom is easy to identify, when you put the correct key in the lock it will turn freely but the lock will not open.

Key won't open the lock - There could be a few reasons for this if it's the correct key for example I often see older locks that have been used for many years and the keys simply wear. If you keep a key in the lock all the time then you can cause the key and the levers to wear, this means other keys may stop working.

There are more faults with these locks known to locksmiths, if your key becomes difficult to use or the handle starts to become loose then it's probably time to get the locks replaced. This will avoid the extra work required if you can't open or lock your door. The one thing I can guarantee is it will definitely break when you really don't need it to!

If you have any issues or questions regarding your mortice locks then give Eddie a call Lock it security 07887407319


12th October, 2017


What is happening to our trade and where is it going in future?

On Facebook groups and locksmith forums all I seem to be seeing lately is posts from genuine local locksmiths about national locksmith company’s. Pictures of very shoddy work by nationals, invoices for ridiculous amounts charged by nationals to unsuspecting customers, reviews left on sites like trust pilot about nationals not arriving on time or not arriving at all. Sending people with no knowledge who cannot complete the job or managing to complete a very simple job and charging 5-6 times what a genuine local guy would of charged.

I even had my own experience of this a couple of weeks back. I went out to a customer late one Friday night who had been having issues with a composite door. A well known national locksmiths had been out and replaced a Euro cylinder when in fact the real issue was inside the gearbox. Told the customer it was all fixed and then guess what? Yep two days later complete gearbox failure and door stuck in the locked position. Customer phoned back original company to be told it would be another £70 call out fee just to come and take a look when in fact it was there fault that this had happened as they had needlessly changed the wrong part in the first place and charged a fortune for the Privilege. Luckily he decided not to use Adwords this time around after his bad experience and found my locksmith Company on Checkatrade where people are at least regulated to some degree.

It’s now even easier than ever for new national locksmiths to spring up from nowhere and start advertising in any area due to Google Adwords. An Adwords account can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and an advert go live. Whoever is willing to pay the most money will appear at the top of search results and local businesses just don’t have the sort of funds to be able to compete with these giants. In times gone by before the internet when paper directories were all the rage at least this could only really happen once a year. A new company would have to wait until a new directory was released in order to advertise meaning the flow of new comers was dramatically slower back then.

Then we have training courses. No such thing ever really existed until 10 years or so ago. The rise in training courses is insane. Many of these courses offering anything from 2 days to 7 days with accreditation’s. What many people don’t realise is locksmithing is a completely unregulated trade in the U.K. This means all these accreditation’s in locksmithing such as NCFE and City And Guilds are literally not worth the paper they are written on. Many of the trainers are failed locksmiths who not so long ago enrolled on a training course themselves and have little to no on site locksmith experience. These company’s are churning out massive numbers of locksmiths per week who don’t have the skills or experience to perform the job well and actually think they are qualified in a trade that has no qualifications.

And where do a lot of these new freshly trained start ups go to when they realise just how much of a struggle it is to get work in such a competitive industry? Straight into the arms of a national locksmith company! They start making money for other company’s, who are using there big advertising budgets to get high up on google and rip off the public and paying a pittance to the freshly trained inexperienced guy, who is now turning up at people’s property’s with no experience and overcharging customers so they can get there small percentage cut of each job up in order to try and make a living in the trade they were promised would make them rich.

When they fail to make it as a locksmith, somebody else fresh out of a locksmith training course will take there place and so the cycle of rubbish continues.

So who’s to blame? The national company’s, the locksmith training company’s, Google for allowing nationals to exist on there listings or the government for allowing locksmiths to be unregulated?

Personally I think it all lies with the government for allowing locksmithing to be an unregulated trade in England. I believe that regulation of the trade would nip most of the problems the industry faces in the bud.

How would it be regulated? I think that just charging for some kind of licence would not be enough. Again those with the most money i.e. Nationals would benefit as paying for a licence would be easy for them. I think it should be based on inspections and tests alongside a licence/paid membership as well. Inspections and tests would mean only nationals that were serious about offering a good service would bother with going through the hassle of gaining a licence. Training courses would be inspected to see if they are teaching the relevant skills and to a high standard and all the odd job men wouldn’t bother paying for a licence meaning only proper serious locksmiths were left to carry out the job. I believe this would clean up the industry massively meaning better locksmiths all around and the public not being ripped off by cowboy or inexperienced locksmiths.

Locksmiths have been licensed in America for some time now and from what I’ve read seems to be cleaning up the industry over there. Who knows how long it’s going to be before anything changes in England. Like most things it’s probably going to have to get much worse before it gets better but hopefully one day we might see a big change for the better.

What to look for when hiring a locksmith in Southampton

25th September, 2017

Hiring a Southampton Locksmith

It’s inevitable; at one point or the other in our lives we would need the help of a professional locksmith. Locksmiths can provide a great deal of help when you find yourself locked out of your home or your room, even in emergency situations where you are locked in. In situations like these, people do not often think about the danger and repercussions of hiring mediocre locksmiths.

In the worst scenario, you end up hiring a fraud locksmith and open your home to a criminal. You should have the number of one locksmith you trust handy for emergency situations. Therefore, it is important that the locksmith you hire is not only professional but reliable. Here are some tips on how to find the right locksmith for you:

Locksmith Fraud

This is quite common nowadays. There are numerous locksmith scams and fraudsters around, lurking and waiting for a victim to take their bait. They are not necessarily burglars, but they tend to take advantage of people who are in desperate need of a locksmith and charge them a huge amount of money. There are worst kinds of locksmith fraudsters though, this group would use the opportunity to break in your house or get the lay-out of your house and plan a break-in. Be hyper vigilant and observe your locksmiths carefully.


The only way you can find yourself a good locksmith is if you research ahead of time. You can begin from names given by people you trust and cross check them with your community’s favourite locksmiths. Look up the referrals and see what people in your community have to say about them and deliberate accordingly. While doing your research, pay close attention to the company’s name and double check if it’s not a copycat of a trusted locksmith company. Locksmith frauds do this to divert the customers who are looking for the more trusted locksmith company to their fraudulent company.

Go through the Locksmith’s Website

You should carefully examine the locksmith company’s website. This is a great way of gathering details about the work they do and their rates. This can help you immensely when you cannot decide on which locksmith company to do business with. When checking out their website, check for key factors such as experience, training, training certificates, are they available 24/7, who are their locksmiths, licenses and reliability.

Checking their rates section will also give you an idea of the amount of money locksmiths in your area charge, you can then narrow the average down and make an informed decision on who to pick. These estimates are rough approximates of how much a service might cost but it is worth noting anyway to avoid being the victim of fraud and overpriced locksmiths. After you have done all of this save two to three numbers of the best locksmiths of the lot. Having two more numbers will give you a backup in case your original locksmith choice is not available.

Micro Chip

14th August, 2017

A HAMPSHIRE inventor is the first person in Britain with no need for keys in his life thanks to a microchip in his left hand which allows him to open his front door, access his office and even start his car.

Steven Northam, 33, had the chip – the size of a grain of rice – implanted between his thumb and finger to make his life easier.

But his wife has refused to join in and still fumbles around for her keys.

The remarkable technology offers a glimpse of the future and Mr Northam is now rolling the service out nationwide for businesses and individuals.

He has teamed up with Dr Geoff Watson, a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester, to ensure the implant procedure is carried out to a medical standard.

Mr Northam’s new company BioTeq is the first in the UK to offer human implantable technology via professional medical procedures.

He said the technology is similar to a microchip implanted for cats and dogs, and the implant procedure takes just 30 seconds.

The father-of-one now has technology fitted to both his home and his BMW, which starts when his hand is on the wheel.

Meanwhile his primary school teacher wife Becci, 30, must use a fob to get into their home as she is scared of needles.

He said: “She’s not interested in it, so she has a normal key fob to get in the house.

“She thinks it’s a bit freaky, and she thinks I’m a bit mad.”

The couple have a ten-month-old daughter called Poppy and he added: “I would potentially let Poppy have it done down the line if she wants it done.”

Mr Northam, from Otterbourne, said that while it has fun gimmicks, the chip is also a major breakthrough for the medical world.

He said: “I was the guinea pig and the driver behind it. I teamed up with a friend who’s a doctor and he implanted it.”

The chip and the implant procedure sets people back between £230 and £260 per person, while complete offices where employees can access doors or use equipment will cost upwards of £5,000.

The implants work using both radio-frequency identification and near-field communication technologies, much like those used on smartphones.

Mr Northam, also a part time Winchester University business management lecturer, said sceptics fear they could be used by governments to track people, or have people fearing for their security.

He said: “There’s two demographics of people. There are those who think it’s brilliant, and those who think it’s the government taking control.

“That tends to be older people. But I remember parents worrying about chip and pin and CCTV cameras. Give it ten or 20 years and this will also be commonplace.

“If someone wants to break into my house, they don’t need my hand – they should just break a window. And if they want to steal a car they are not going to chop your arm off.”


7th August, 2017

We aren't told much about the trade of a locksmith. It's a job that can be seen as elusive or shady by the public, especially with the lack of government regulations for the industry, leaving genuine traders mixed in with those simply looking to scam for quick cash. However for those fully committed to a career as a locksmith, it takes a lot more than being able to pick a lock. It comes with a serious amount of responsibility, a strong work ethic and continuous learning to adapt to the different tasks at hand, in the quickly changing market.

Security is a challenge

A big challenge for the professional locksmith is that security is so easily breached. Now there are so many resources available for people with the aim of picking a lock, using a bump key or wedge tool, and breaking and entering. This, added with home owners leaving back doors open, not properly locking windows and doors or leaving high value gear on display in their cars, makes the trade a difficult one to keep up with at times.

However, life as a locksmith can be extremely rewarding. Locksmithing is a hands-on skill that gives you attainable, achievable results. It takes time to improve your skills, but the more you practice, the more solutions and tools you'll have to deliver better results for each customer. There are always new mechanisms, brands and tools to deal with and it can be very time- consuming, with a whole lot of trial and error, to understand how they work. Patience is a must, as well as a dedication to perfecting your skills and the time and upkeep that comes with it.

Dealing with customers in urgent situations, you'll also need to be flexible with your time, taking into account that you may not have all you need for the job when they need you. The demands of the customer are individual and constantly evolving, so you may not be able to exercise certain skills you've learnt for some time – it puts you at a disadvantage. It's essential that you adopt to new demands and innovations in security, such as smart locks. These are being used more frequently and it really shows how much there is to learn in the industry.

More than this though, you'll need to invest financially. You'll need to make or find your own tools to practice with, along with specialist locks which could be costly. If you're running your own locksmithing business, you'll need to ensure you invest your money wisely, working around logistics, marketing and sales. There are courses available if you're wishing to begin your career as a locksmith or start your own business, which can help to turn your capability into a viable livelihood. It's not always the easiest of trades; as a locksmith you'll need to have the drive to always improve, the confidence to build relationships and an ethical attitude.

Lock it security Locksmiths is an emergency locksmith in Southampton Hampshire Our qualified engineers provide a range of specialist locksmith and security services for the home and businesses. For more information or to get in touch, please visit or call Eddie 07887407319

Man stuck in cash machine feeds 'help' notes through receipt slot Sky News.

14th July, 2017

A workman trapped inside a cash machine was forced to pass handwritten notes through the receipt slot to summon help - but customers thought it was a joke.

Lock it security specialise in all upvc door and window problems

He became stuck when changing a lock to a room that leads to the back of the ATM, said police in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Lieutenant Chris Hooper said: "Apparently he left his cellphone and the swipe card he needed to get out of the room outside in his truck."

When he realised he was trapped with no way to communicate, he resorted to sliding notes through the slot.

One read: "Please help. I'm stuck in here and I don't have my phone. Please call my boss ..."

People withdrawing cash though it was a prank, but luckily one called police who heard a faint voice from inside the machine.

They kicked down the door and freed the red-faced worker - his name has so far not been released.

Corpus Christi police officer Richard Olden summed up the bizarre incident: "You'll never see this again in your life that somebody's stuck in the ATM machine. It was just great."

Read the full story.

Multi Point Locks.

11th July, 2017

Most homes have multipoint locks fitted, these locks normally work by lifting the handle and then turning the key to lock. Although to most people they are the same, the wholesaler I use has approximately 164 different variations of these locks. They have various back sets, centres, and can have hook bolts, rollers, deadbolts, mushrooms or a combination. They also use varying lengths and off sets of the cylinders fitted.

Jammed doors and windows opened and repaired

If you have these types of locks fitted, most home insurance policies will specify the need to have a minimum of three locking points. Although individual companies have differing requirements and you should check your policy. So far I have not come across any policies specifying the need to have the correct length cylinder fitted. This is very important due to the amount of break ins committed by using cylinder snapping technic, you can find examples of this on the web and you tube etc.

When these locks are fitted correctly they work well, but can have quite fragile inner mechanisms which can break and jam the lock, if put under pressure. For example having to force the handle to get the key to turn. If you are having this type of problem using the door, it is worth getting a reliable locksmith to re-align it, as this will be much easier and cheaper than waiting until it fails and having to purchase and replace the whole lock.

Keep your home safe over the bank holiday weekend.

24th April, 2017

Are you going away over bank holiday weekend? Here are some of our top tips to help keep your home safe while you're away.

  1. Check door and window locks work and make sure you lock everything securely. If your insurer knows you’ve got window locks, but you don’t actually use them, you risk a potential claim being rejected.
  2. Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen through the window, and unplug appliances so you don’t waste money leaving them on standby.
  3. Don’t make the house too tidy! Leave clean dishes on the draining board or putting up the ironing board can make it look as if you’re home if anyone does come snooping around.
  4. Check security lights are working – it’s worth replacing the batteries in any that are battery-powered as you don’t want them expiring while you’re away.

New Smartphone Lock.

1st April, 2017


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Brits at risk from rogue locksmiths.

29th March, 2017

Experts issue safety warning as research reveals over 60 per cent of locksmiths currently working in the UK are unlicensed.

Avoid Rogue Locksmiths

  • Take the time to check the credentials of your locksmith before you hire them.
  • Ensure they can provide evidence of experience.
  • Check out reviews and testimonials on their site and on social media.
  • Do not be afraid to ask to see a license.

Keep it local, visit our services page to find out more about the professional service we provide as a local locksmith in the Southampton area.

Why commercial companies can benefit from local locksmith services.

28th February, 2017

The commercial locksmith market is normally covered by national locksmith companies. Quite often the big locksmith companies pass the jobs on to companies like ourselves, then charge double the price we have done the job for.

As a company solely serving the Hampshire area we tend to do the majority of our commercial business with small and medium sized businesses that run independently, such as: retail shops, clubs, pubs, commercial units and offices, car dealerships, letting agents, landlords etc.

The services we offer commercial customers are similar to our domestic customers, the main difference being the type of locks and security equipment that is used.

Our key cutting service is very popular with commercial customers as the keys are cut on-site and each key is tested in the lock to ensure that it has been cut correctly. Businesses can save a lot of time and frustration using this service as quite often a lunch hour is spent in a key cutting shop only to return to work and find that some of them do not work, meaning another trip back to the shop.

Services available to the commercial customer:

  • Key cutting on-site.
  • Emergency lock out service.
  • Master key lock suites and keyed alike locks.
  • Replacement locks and handles fitted.
  • Repairs where needed.
  • Digi locks fitted and repaired.
  • Shutter locks replaced.
  • Shop front locks replaced.

How secure is your home?

22nd February, 2017

Do you know who has keys to your home? Over the years can you remember how many people you’ve handed your keys out to? What about the time you were away for the weekend and your friend looked after the place, when your bedroom was re-plastered or the spare you gave to your dog walker? By now I expect you’ve forgotten how many keys to your home are actually in existence.

If this is the case, here’s some food for thought to help reduce the likelihood of rogue keys being in existence, while being savvy at the same time.

Do you need a patented key?

You might have heard about patented keys – these are true security keys that are ‘patented protected’ and will have this embossed on the key itself along with ‘do not duplicate’. Patented keys will come with signed documentation that must be presented to the locksmith before a key can be cut.

However, don’t be baffled by jargon and end up paying £15+ per key to secure your home – most commonly, domestic households do not use security keys and instead more modern coded locks. Patented keys tend to be owned by commercial landlords and Government users – securing a master keyed system.

Are keyed alike locks safe?

Another option is keyed alike locks,this is when two or more locks are operated using the same key. While you might doubt the security of such convenience, believe it or not, this can actually enhance security as you do not need to manage multiple keys for different types of locks and, therefore, missing keys can be identified very quickly.

Remember, the top recommendation if you’re unsure of how many keys are in existence or you’ve recently moved house is to simply change your locks. This is the safest way to ensure people unknown to you do not gain access to your home – and it will avoid ‘spare’ sets being created and used without your knowledge.

Know your locksmith before you need them.

1st August, 2016

When you’re in need of a locksmith, that isn’t the time to be seeking one out and hoping that your locksmith Southampton is skilled and experienced locksmith.

It makes good sense to have a locksmith already lined up and reviewed before you need them. The time to be examining their credentials is not when you require a locksmith, but before.Studies show that most people who require a locksmith need them when it is later in the evening or when they have locked themselves out of their car or are experiencing a home lockout. That is the time when you most want an experienced locksmith to hand already reviewed.

Look over the locksmiths that are available to you. Examine their credentials and their testimonials and then put the name and phone number of a locksmith into your mobile phone so that should you need a locksmith you have one available to you and you needn’t be wasting time searching for someone to help you when it is late in the evening or in the middle of the night.

If you are in need of a locksmith Southampton, Lock it security (Eddie) can help. Experienced, professional and caring, Eddie is available to you for emergency situations when you need a locksmith fast.

Call today and explore what Lock it Security can do for you.

Three Things to Know Before Choosing a Locksmith in Southampton.

22nd July, 2016

Never underestimate the important skills and qualities of the locksmith residents and business owners use from time to time. Take some time to search out information about who offers this type of service in yours and other the surrounding areas, including the following three items.

  1. Who can you trust? You may need a new lock fitted or handles fitted on your upvc door or window you rely on a locksmith to know how to fix a jammed upvc door that refuses to open. . Ask for references and the qualifications they have to do the job that needs done.
  2. How much does it cost?. The information helps you decide if something really needs cared for now or if it can wait until the next business day. You should also be offered a free quote before accepting a locksmith’s services. If someone’s services are surprisingly cheaper than competitors, ask why.
  3. .What locksmith tasks do they offer? Select a locksmith who does the jobs you require, including residential and business. If you have a vehicle, ask if they have a mobile service van that will respond if you are locked out of your car while away from home. Ask how you can identify the owner or employees. Make sure their instructions include asking for your ID before opening your lock or other services.

Once you find a dependable locksmith in the southampton area, carry the phone number in your wallet, car, and at work and home. A recommendation to others is a good way to show your appreciation for a job well done.

Get a local and reliable Locksmith in Netley Abbey.

3rd July, 2016

It doesn’t matter if you’ve suffered from a break in, or if you simply need a lock replaced for any reason, it pays to have a professional locksmith that you can rely on. The function of a lock is simple. It keeps a door secured to stop unauthorised entry. When your locks aren’t working properly, or if you think they’ve been compromised with lost or stolen keys, then they stop serving their purpose. You don’t have to deal with the anxiety and stress ofnot knowing whether you’re truly safe, and instead you can rely on a local locksmith Netley Abbey.

Locksmith services in the area are convenient, and can be flexible for your needs. If you want to make sure that you are always able to call a locksmith in an emergency, then make sure you store local numbers on your mobile phone, or keep them recorded in a diary or planner that you carry with you. Having a locksmith contact number will mean that even if you arrive home late at night, with no access to your home, help won’t be too far away. Callout rates are often reasonable, and most locksmiths provide 24/7 services.

When choosing your local locksmith in Netley Abbey and other surrounding areas make sure that you go with one that has a strong reputation in the area. Check online reviews, or ask your neighbours, your colleagues, or even your local police station for a recommendation. It’s important to choose a good locksmith, because they will provide better workmanship, which can benefit you in a number of ways. Just one example could be when you’ve left your keys inside and locked yourself out. An inexperienced locksmith might have to break and then completely replace your locks in such a situation, whereas an experienced locksmith can often do this work without having to rekey your.lock. Make sure you check with your insurance provider to see if they provide complete coverage or subsidies for lock replacements, and they may even be able to refer you to a preferred local company.

Don’t compromise when it comes to security or convenience. Always do your research and choose the best local locksmith in your area and keep their number close to you at all times. You never know when you might need them, but knowing who to call will be a great relief in any tight situation.